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Fitting your trailer

Fitting your new trailer to your boat is a relatively straight-forward process. As long as you have access to a good boat ramp and have a reliable tow vehicle, you can adjust your trailer yourself by following the step-by-step procedure below. If you prefer, Word Boats Trailers Sales is here to help and can also adjust your trailer for you.

Follow the procedure below to fit your new trailer to your boat


Make sure your tow vehicle is adapted to your new trailer. This includes vehicle towing capacity, hitch capacity, ball size and electrical connector type.


If your boat is already on a trailer with appropriate tongue weight and balance, mark the hull of the boat with tape just above the center of the middle axle (triple axles trailers) or right between the two axles (tandem axles).

If your boat is not on a trailer, try to find photos of your boat model on a trailer and mark the approximate position of the boat on the trailer.


Move the bow stop as forward as possible.


Make sure the target bunks set screws are loose.


Go to a steep launch ramp and back the trailer until the target bunks are almost completely submerged.


Bring the boat up on the trailer and in contact with the target bunks. Release enough winch line to hook the boat to the winch. Put the winch in the low gear setting.


Winch the boat up on the trailer.


Pull the boat out of the water until you can access the stern of the boat.


Bring the boat up to flat ground to check the tongue weight. Block the tires with a piece of wood and make sure the trailer safety chains are connected to your tow vehicle. Disconnect the trailer coupler from the ball. Measure how much the vehicle hitch moves up when you remove the trailer. This "squat" distance should be around 2". Tongue weight is very important and should be around 10% of the total loaded trailer weight for small trailers, and 6-7% for larger trailers.


Move the bow stop and winch stand so the bow roller is touching the boat with the bow eye just behind and under the bow roller.


Attach transom straps. Tighten winch and attach safety chain to bow eye. Attach a vertical tie-down from the bow eye of the boat to the tongue of the trailer.


Adjust the target bunks up snug to the hull. Target bunks carry very little weight. Their primary purpose is to guide the bow of the boat towards the bow stop.


Drive home slowly (under 50 mph).


Re-tighten all bolts that you have adjusted and wheel lug nuts after 10, 25 and 50 miles of towing.

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