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FAQ & Information

1. Hitch must be level – from the ground to top of ball should be approx.. 24” (the newer couplers even higher because the coupler does not drop like the old one) – if the hitch is to low the ball latch that clamps onto the ball does not clamp at the correct angle which can lock it into place.

2. Do not use an old hitch ball (they get ovaled over time)

3. Grease the hitch ball with bearing grease

4. Use WD-40 and spray up into the ball latch mechanism every 3 months or so- it which has a tension spring behind it. The WD-40 helps keep it loosened up

5. Never back the trailer up in reverse and then shift into park. Always go from Reverse to Drive and pull the boat and trailer forward a couple of inches. This will fully disengage the brakes and take the pressure off the coupler latch assembly as well. This will also help keep the brake pads from sticking to a rusty rotor that has been sitting around for several months due to infrequent use.

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