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10 reasons to keep your boat on a trailer

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

When it comes to deciding where to keep your boat, you have several options. You can choose to dock your boat in the water at a marina slip, you can opt for a dry storage facility or you can keep your boat on a boat trailer in your garage. Let's explore the perks of have your boat on a trailer.

Mobility and Convenience

Transportation: Trailering allows you to easily transport your boat to different water bodies, opening up opportunities to explore various lakes, rivers, or coastal areas.

Storage: You can store your boat in your driveway, garage, or a designated storage facility, providing flexibility and convenience.

Cost Savings

Marina Fees: By avoiding marina or dock fees, you can save money on storage costs.

Maintenance: Boats stored in the water are exposed to elements like algae, barnacles, and corrosion. Storing your boat on a trailer can reduce maintenance costs associated with these issues.

Reduced Wear and Tear

Hull Maintenance: Boats stored on trailers are not constantly exposed to water, reducing the risk of osmotic blistering and corrosion on the hull.

Antifouling: You may not need to apply antifouling paint as frequently, as the boat is not in the water for extended periods.


Easier Winter Storage: Storing your boat on a trailer simplifies the winterization process, as you can keep it in a protected area, away from freezing temperatures and ice.


Reduced Theft Risk: Trailered boats are generally less vulnerable to theft compared to boats left in the water.

Maintenance and Repairs

Easier Access: Working on your boat for routine maintenance or repairs is often more accessible when it's on a trailer, as opposed to being in the water.


Versatility: You have the flexibility to use different ramps and launch sites, depending on your destination and preferences.

Resale Value

Preservation of Value: Properly storing your boat on a trailer and maintaining it well can help preserve its resale value.

Regulatory Compliance

Avoiding Restrictions: Some bodies of water have restrictions on long-term mooring. Trailering allows you to comply with such regulations.

Reduced Corrosion

Outdrive and Motor Protection: Boats stored in the water may experience more corrosion in the outdrive and motor due to prolonged exposure to saltwater. Trailering can reduce this risk.

It's important to note that the advantages of keeping a boat on a trailer depend on individual preferences, the type of boat, and the intended use. Additionally, trailering requires a suitable tow vehicle and adherence to local regulations regarding trailer usage and boat transportation.

If you think a boat trailer is the right choice for you, Word Boats Trailer Sales has a wide selection of high-standard aluminum boat trailers at great prices. Head over to or give us a call on (425) 499-6883 to learn more!

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