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Things To Know Before You Get Your New Trailer



Deposits by Cash, cleared check, VISA/MC or paypal-no fee
and are NOT refundable. 

Balance by Cash, Cashier’s check or bank wire transfer.
VISA/MC or paypal adds the 3% fee they charge.

Sales tax 10% unless you bring out of state driver’s license
AND recent utility bill or the like [see WAC 458-20-177]  at same address.


License fee is $100-$250 per title/ Varies due to RTA

To pick up trailer with standard surge disk brakes, make sure you have a 5-flat wiring connector or 7:5 RV to flat-5 adapter. Flat 4 will work for the lights for the
trip home but is not ideal. Trailers ordered with EOH requires
standard round RV 7-pin type.
Also all Bring 13/16 lug or torque wrench {with a thin wall socket for COM 6000 and 8800} to torque lug nuts after rolling a few miles but before the freeway.

Ball Size:          All trailers at 6000 boat capacity or less use a 2 inch ball
                               All trailers at 7000 boat capacity and up use a 2 5/16th inch ball

   Ball Height:    14 in tires require 20-21 inches top of ball to ground
                              15 in tires require 22-23 inches top of ball to ground
                              16 in tires require 23 inches
       (some cases may require you reversing your receiver and placing ball on top to achieve height)

  Light Connections: 
                             Surge disc brakes are a 5 flat, like most common flat 4 with an added prong = 5th wire activated by reverse lights to shut off brakes when backing. Most newer vehicles with tow package come with a 7 round which has a reverse wire in it, therefore, a 7 to 5 adapter is used, or you can wire a 5 flat. The 5th, going to reverse wiring is usually a light blue wire in your harness. Adapters can be purchase from us or found at local marine or hitch stores. Let us know before pick up or delivery if you need one.
                              Electric Brakes require a 7 pole round plug like most new vehicles come with for RVs


Trailering Presentation at 2018 Seattle Boat Show

How to Select, Maintain, and use your big trailer

1 hour presentation presented each year since 2011 at the Seattle Boat Show, teaching about how to safely trailer your big boat on a tandem or triple axle trailer.

Trailerable Cruising Places PAC NW @ Seattle boat show 2019

Trailerable Cruising Places PAC NW Presented @ Seattle boat show Jan 2019, 2022


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Manual for Macgregor 26X

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