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What is Included:

I Have been a trailer boater for 40 years with more than 17 personal boats and over 100 business boats, so I order these with all the options I would want.

Aluminum is totally rust resistant, much lighter than steel or galvanized and looks nicer than galvanized and will forever. Trailers weigh 500+ less than galvanized made by Venture Trailers... see VentureTrailers.com in Baltimore MD. Largest volume boat trailer builder on the East Coast. SEE THE FACTORY.  Aluminum frames are a T5 and usually fall within 6105, 6061 & 6005 aluminum alloy with 6105 being the most common. The stainless steel hardware is 304. 

I like springs over torsion axles for two reasons: they even out load between axles as trailer pitch changes due to road conditions AND they are common and simple so if you ever have a problem on the road, parts are no problem and tools/experience of local mechanics to fix them are readily available everywhere.

Everything is bolted on and adjustable to fit almost any boat up to the weight rating.

• All trailers are 8 ft. 6 in. wide.
• Poly-sleeve covered Bunk Style: Poly-sleeve covered bunks are the best of both worlds. They slide like rollers, but they have the surface area and hull protection of bunks.
Surge/Disc Brakes - Premium Disc brakes will never rust like drums do and stop better now and especially later. Even galvanized drum brakes will not last longer than a few seasons on a boat trailer due to the enclosed spaces to collect water. Super Lubed Hubs with grease fitting under dust cap that provides grease to the center of the hub, not on the outside like bearing buddies. I think these are more reliable than oil based bearings.
• LED Waterproof lights
• Aluminum Wheels
• Aluminum Tread Fenders
• 2 speed HD winch with HD strap
• Soldered Waterproof Wire Connections
• Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts - 304
• Flat 5 light connector. 5th is wired to your backup light to lockout the disc brakes when backing uphill which will apply the surge brakes. Due to effectiveness of disc brakes, they will completely lock up while backing up hill.  However, the trailer will hook up to flat 4 connector for all lights and normal driving needs and I can show you how to easily use your flat 4 connector on your tow rig to disengage the disc brakes when backing up hill.

Shipping is affordable on the west coast using Uship.com. $1.50-2.50/mile one way

Trailering Presentation at 2018 Seattle Boat Show

How to Select, Maintain, and use your big trailer

1 hour presentation presented each year since 2011 at the Seattle Boat Show, teaching about how to safely trailer your big boat on a tandem or triple axle trailer.

Trailerable Cruising Places PAC NW @ Seattle boat show 2019

Trailerable Cruising Places PAC NW Presented @ Seattle boat show Jan 2019, 2022


Super Lube

Vortex Documents

Macgregor 26X Manual

Manual for Macgregor 26X

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