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NEW Aluminum Boat Trailers for Sale

We are a dealer since 2008 for NEW Venture Aluminum Boat Trailers  of Balitmore [we've sold >1,000 tandems and triples), New KaravanTrailers.com, New Tuff trailers from Bellingham, and New Kokopelli Trailers from Phoenix. Venture is the largest trailer manufacturer in the US and has 600 dealers in the east, and we are their 3rd largest dealer in the USA and only long term dealer west of Great Lakes. They look great, even better than galvanized, (and ALWAYS will) and work well. INCLUDES Disc brakes, Poly-sleeved bunks, LED lights, 2-speed winch, stainless steel nuts & bolts, and more... We carry Venture's new Commander series trailers with 6-year [longest in the industry!] no maintenance/waranteed hubs & bearings.

Trade-Ins Welcome!

TRAILERS FOR all power boats and Trimarans, CATAMARANS, PONTOON BOATS, SAIL BOATS with center boards, dagger boards or shallow draft keels, TRAWLERS AND BARGES. Outbards, Inboard/Outboard (I/Os),diesel, inboards,

New Aluminum Boat Trailers

Buyer Guide

Acceptable forms of payment are cash, cashier's check, and bank wire transfer. No personal checks or business checks.


Ball Size:

     All trailers at 6000 boat capacity or less use a 2 inch ball

     All trailers at 7000 boat capacity and up use a 2 5/16th inch ball

Ball Height:

      14 in tires require 20-21 inches top of ball to ground

      15 in tires require 22-23 inches top of ball to ground

      16 in tires require 23 inches

(some cases may require you reversing your receiver and placing ball on top to achieve height)

Light Connections:

      Surge disc brakes are a 5 flat, like most common flat 4 with an added prong = 5th wire activated by reverse lights to shut off brakes when backing. Most newer vehicles with tow package come with a 7 round which has a reverse wire in it, therefore, a 7 to 5 adapter is used, or you can wire a 5 flat. The 5th, going to reverse wiring is usually a light blue wire in your harness. Adapters can be purchase from us or found at local marine or hitch stores. Let us know before pick up or delivery if you need one.

      Electric Brakes require a 7 pole round plug like most new vehicles come with for RVs. Also for trailers with EOH brakes, the towing vehicle needs to have a controller inside vehicle which can be purchased on Amazon for about $100.00


BC Canada, Trailer Brake Regulations-<-click for details: 

"Where the licensed gross vehicle weight of the trailer exceeds 2,800kg (6160 lbs.), brakes with which a trailer is equiped shall be capable of being applied by the driver of the motor vehicle towing the trailer from his normal hydraulic seated position."

A surge brake does NOT meet this requirement. An Electric Brake Actuator is required for Electric over Hydraulic - (EOH) brakes. We can order them that way from the factory [cheapest option $850], install the kit ($1000) or sell the kit with the trailer for you to install.($1,350)

Trailer Tire Warranty



Super Lube

Vortex Documents

Macgregor 26X Manual

Manual for Macgregor 26X

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