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MacGregor 26X Power Sailors

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Why am I selling used Macgregor 26 Power Sailor boats? I might be the largest dealer of 26X and 26M boats as I have sold over 25 in the last 5 years. I know them pretty well.

It is a great boat and we have personally owned two of them. We want to help others get their own boat. See the original 26X brochure26X Instructions, and demo video. Also see my comparison of 26X and 26M models  why I like the X model better than the newer M model and my comparison to other power cruising boats.

In 2009, due to my practicalcruisers.com idea, I started  buying a few Macgregor 26X's from the southwest USA to convert to power cruisers  for the economy power cruiser market with 70-90 HP. The idea has not really caught on because it is so different -- most power cruisers think the idea and benefits are very interesting, but end up saying it looks like a sailboat. And most sailors think we have violated the code of sailing. I still want to pursue my practicalcruisers.com idea.  But what came out of it is so far is I discovered 26X's are more valuable in the Pac NW than in other areas due in part to our lovely cruising waters and maybe in part due to Canadian boat prices being higher. I have sold 6+ to Canadians, 5 in Australia, New Zealnad, Korea, and Phillipines and over 15 in the US, see to the right.


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